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"A magazine dedicated to social justice"

[Current Issue Table of Contents]

I AM WOMAN: Where Do I Go From Here?
By Sujata Barai
Feminism has become a politically loaded word, the 'F' word of the 1990's
in fact. Sujata explains why and what we should do about it.
Your Princeton Education
By Dan Sack
Your Princeton education is your ticket into the American power structure.
What are you going to do once you're on the inside?
A Beneficial Blurring of Gender Lines
By Sujata Barai
Sujata details the positive role American men have played in the Pro-Choice
movement and spotlights a few of the accomplishments of those men who fight
for women's rights.
Censorship Meets the 21st Century
By Mark Krumholz
Senate bill 314 could significantly restrict the information flow on the
internet. Mark explains why it just won't compute, in terms of both
practicality and constitionality.
Opposed to Equality?
By Justin McCrary
If you aren't convinced of the continued need for Affirmative Action
policies, take a look at Justin's article. It just about says it all.

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