Principle (The)


Principle (The)

Date: Tue, 27 Jun 1995 03:52:25 GMT
Subject: Principle (The)

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Subject: Principle, The

Note: Publication replaced by The Left Hook.
(Link inactive 4 August 2006)
(Link active 4 August 2006)

The Principle is the official publication of the Brown College Democrats
and was founded in 1948 by the first Brown College Democrats
organization, formerly known as Brown College Democrats for Roosevelt.
As such, it is a forum for discourse concerning politics and the
Democratic Party and provides members of the Brown community and
political leaders a chance to be heard. It is published once a semester
and is available free of charge. People interested in submitting
articles should contact Katharine Mayerson at (401) 863-5568 or by

In this issue:

Robert Shapiro of the Progressive Policy Institute (Washington, D.C.),
tells us how to Cut-and-Invest to Compete and Win.

Why I'm [still] a Democrat: Jeffrey Nussbaum ('97.5) reexamines the core
values of the Democratic party that explain his party affiliation during
a time of conservatism.

PBS: a witty and persuasive argument of the value for preserving
government funding for PBS by Michael Condouris ('98).

Breach of Contract discusses the reality of the Republican Contract on

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