Prometheus. Rivista di studi classici


Prometheus. Rivista di studi classici

Publisher: Firenze University Press

Language: Italian

Country: Italy

Frequency: 3 times a year

Subscription Fee: Yes

Founded by Adelmo Barigazzi in 1975, Prometheus is dedicated

to scientific research on Greek and Latin literary classics,

believing that the analytical study of ancient texts and the

philological depth of them can still be useful to the

cultural education of young people.

Prometheus deals with both Greek and Latin texts,

considered as the expression of a single literature

expressed in two languages, and is characterized by a purely

text-critical and exegetical vocation.

P-ISSN: 0931-2698

E-ISSN 2281-1044

Contact: Anna Carli


Start Year: 2009 (online coverage)

Subject: Greek, Latin, Classics

Date Posted: 25 February, 2013

Original posting date: 
Monday, February 25, 2013
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