Psychology, Community & Health


Psychology, Community & Health

Publisher: PsychOpen

Language: Portuguese, English

Country: Portugal

Frequency: 3 times a year

Author Fee: No

Subscription Fee: No

Psychology, Community & Health (PCH) is a peer-reviewed,

open-access journal with an international editorial board.

It is specialized in the field of psychology and published

three times a year by the open-access publisher PsychOpen.

It focuses particularly on research developed in community-

and health-related contexts. Although not limited to them,

PCH stresses the areas of (clinical) health psychology,

community (health) psychology and their intersection.

Authors publishing in Psychology, Community & Health keep

full copyright of their work and are not charged any fees.

Visit the journals website to learn

more about Psychology, Community & Health (PCH).

ISSN: 2182-438x

Editor: Filipa Pimenta


Start Year: 2012

Subject: Psychology

Date Posted: 26 February, 2013

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Original posting date: 
Tuesday, February 26, 2013
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