Res Mobilis. International Research Journal of Furniture and Decorative Objects


Res Mobilis. International Research Journal of Furniture and Decorative Objects

Res Mobilis is a publication specialized in studies

related to furniture, decorative objects and art, analyzed

from different perspectives: market, commerce, tendencies,

factories, stores, catalogues, design, relationship

between refined-antique and middle class furniture,

interior design, the role of the designer, decoration and

society, ... This journal was created as a forum to

discuss research related to these fields, and with a

strong Americanist orientation, although there are great

similar publications in the Anglo Saxon world, there is

still no evidence of a publication that includes the

richness of the Latin American world.

This journal is aimed at an academic and professional

audience, but it is also relevant for people interested in

design, interior design and furniture, analyzed from a

multidisciplinary perspective that involves art history,

anthropology, sociology, the world of decorative objects,

spatial arts, the history of taste and museological

procedures concerning decorative objects and design.

It's a on-line Journal (Open Journal System)and uses the

peer review process. It is possible to publish in Spanish,

English, French and Portuguese.

ISSN: 2255-2057

Director: Ana María Fernández García


Subject: Furniture, Decorative Objects, Arts

Date Posted: 24th January, 2013

Original posting date: 
Thursday, January 24, 2013
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