Research and Reflection: A Journal of Leadership and


Research and Reflection: A Journal of Leadership and Organizations
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Research and Reflection:

A Journal of Leadership and Organizations

ISSN 1078-6406
February, 1995
Volume 1, Number 1

Published by School of Education
Gonzaga University, Spokane, WA 99258.
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_Table of Contents_

1. Editor's Page

_Featured Articles_

2. Jean-Luc Patry:
* Teaching is Situaton Specific But Theory is Not:
Toward a Higher Impact of Research on Practice

3. Ralph Blunden:
* Reflective Teaching and the Beginning Teacher:
Methodology and Morality

4. Sharon B. Reynolds:
* The Professor is the Instrument

5. Mark Kunkel:
* The Academic Republic

6. Nancy Ruppel:
* The Species Beyond

7. Laura Ann Goldsmith Baker:
* Mike's Story

_Book Reviews_

1. Shryl Matias:
_The Children's Machine_
by Seymour Papret

2. Stephanie Peck:
_B. F. Skinner: A Life_
by Danial W. Bjork

3. Vikki Howard:
_Interpreting Disability: A Qualitative Reader_
by Phillip M. Ferguson, Diane L. Ferguson, & Stephen J. Taylor

4. T. F. McLaughlin:
_Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: Questions and
Answers for Parents_
by Gregory S. Greenberg & Wade F. Horn

_Attention Deficit Disorder: ADHD and ADD Syndromes_
by Dale R. Jordan

5. Books in Brief


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