RUHM (Revista Universitaria de Historia Militar)


RUHM (Revista Universitaria de Historia Militar)

La Revista Universitaria de Historia Militar On-line was first
published in 2012 with the strong idea to create a concrete space for
all those members of the academic community interested in

military history since Antiquity until the present day and who wish to
publish their reflections, theories, or research on some concrete
aspect of military history. Throughout history, military history

has stood as one of the most important motors of change in history.
Since the Roman Legions to the Arab Spring, from Persian warriors to
Crusaders to the Napoleonic Wars and the World

Wars; all of them have established a new global paradigm.

But military history does not only cover acts of war, but furthermore,
it includes aspects of daily life, the economics of war, the culture
of propaganda, strategy, and many other elements that

factor into armed conflicts. In this sense, proper military history
has arisen as a multidisciplinary historical field. Through this
field, one can study inter alia economic, sociological, urban, and

political theories.

Articles are published in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

E-ISSN: 2254-6111

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Subject: Military History

Date Posted: 21st December, 2012

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Monday, December 24, 2012
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