Sanitarno Inženirstvo / International Journal of Sanitary Engineering Research


Sanitarno Inženirstvo / International Journal of Sanitary Engineering Research

Description: Sanitarno Inženirstvo - International Journal of Sanitary
Engineering Research (IJSER) presents broad interdisciplinary
information on the practice and status of research in environmental,
food and occupational hygiene, epidemiology, the environmental
engineering science, systems engineering, and sanitation. Papers focus
on design, development of health engineering methods, management,
governmental policies, and societal impacts of drink water, wastewater
collection and treatment; the fate and transport of contaminants on
watersheds, in surface waters, in groundwater, in the soil, and in the
atmosphere; environmental biology, microbiology, chemistry, fluid
mechanics, and physical processes that control natural concentrations
and dispersion of wastes in the air, water, and soil; non-point source
pollution on water-sheds, in streams, in groundwater, in lakes, and in
estuaries and coastal areas; treatment, management, and control of
hazardous wastes; control and monitoring of air pollution and acid
deposition; air-shed management; and design and management of solid
waste professional obligations facilities; food technology, management
of food quality and food safety. A balanced contribution from
consultants, sanitary engineers, and researchers is sought on
engineering solutions, and responsibilities.

Publisher: Inštitut za Sanitarno Inženirstvo

Language: English, Slovene

Country: Slovenia

Frequency: Irregular

Publication fee: No

Subscription fee: No

Start year: 2007

E-ISSN: 1855-0452

P-ISSN: 1854-0678

Editor: Staša Razpotnik


Abstracts: Yes

Language of abstracts: English

Subject: Science and Mathematics

Keywords: Earth and Environmental Science, Engineering, Food Science,
Public Health

Date Posted: 18 March, 2013

Original posting date: 
Monday, March 18, 2013
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