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Science and Engineering Network News
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Subject: Science and Engineering Network News

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(Link inactive 29 July 2004)

Science and Engineering Network News is a new newsletter devoted to
covering Internet resources for the sciences and engineering. Resources
covered include World Wide Web pages, FTP and Telnet sites, mailing
lists, newsgroups, FAQs, and more.

Regular features of SENN are:
- lists of new resources in at least two subject areas
- an updated reference list of our favorite resources
- book and CD reviews
- site reviews
- tutorials and information guides for connecting to and using
Internet tools.
- feature articles on particular cross-disciplinary tools and methods

Subject areas include biology and agriculture, chemistry and chemical
engineering, electrical engineering, materials science, mechanical
engineering, medicine and health, molecular biology, physics and
optical engineering, social sciences, software engineering, and space

The cross-disciplinary topics we cover include scientific imaging, data
acquisition and control, math and statistics, CAD/CAM/CAE, DSP and
multi-media, modeling and simulation, and platform specific tools for
DOS/Windows, Macintosh, and UNIX.

The first issue includes:
- Feature article on "Imaging Resources"
- Special pointers to Medicine/Health and Control Engineering resources
- Site review of the CMU technical reports archive
- Book reviews of "Internet Explorer Kit," and "Internet Starter Kit"
- Overview of Internet tools

The first issue is available free in either electronic form or hard
copy. You may request either format from Soliloquess Communications,
Worcester, MA., (508) 755-5242, or send e-mail with your request to

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