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Again, new to ARL, even if not to all the rest of NewJour-L readers:

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> The world's leading resource for scholarship, research and
> innovation
> Newsletter
> No.12 SPRING 1994
> ISSN 0960-1570
> The Network OPAC
> Results of the CIP Survey
> Free trial for BLAISE-LINE
> The Code of Service
> National Library of Scotland Conversion
> The spring/summer programme for NBS Contact Days
> follows. Invitations will be sent to all our customers
> in the locality prior to each event. If you wish to
> ensure that an invitation is sent in your name, please
> get in touch.
> NBS is also demonstrating services at a number of
> exhibitions and conferences. Contact us if you require
> further information about any of these. We also have
> complimentary tickets available for some of the
> exhibitions.
> 19 April Pacfair, Scottish Cataloguing and Indexing
> Group, Glasgow
> 28 April NBS Contact Day, T C Farries, Leicestershire
> 6-8 May Association of Assistant Librarians Weekend
> School and Conference, Bristol
> 10 May IT South Exhibition, Portsmouth
> 10-12 May Welsh Library Association Conference,
> Llandrindod Wells
> 20 May NBS Contact Day, South Glamorgan County Hall,
> Cardiff
> 6-9 June Scottish Library Association Conference,
> Peebles
> 21-23 June Library Resources Exhibition, NEC,
> Birmingham
> 21 July NBS Contact Day, Assembly Rooms, Oxford
> Open access to the Network OPAC
> Jan Ashton
> NBS is now making The British Library's Network OPAC
> available to UK academic and research institutions for
> a year's free trial from April of this year. The
> Network OPAC service is a modification of the Online
> Catalogue that has been developed for the St Pancras
> building and which is in use at present in reading
> rooms in London. NBS has been asked to provide user
> support for the service because of our long experience
> of online services, and will now guide the Network OPAC
> through its service trials and towards full
> availability.
> The Network OPAC has been developed as one of the
> Library's Initiatives for Access, a wide-ranging
> programme of digital and network projects which will
> enhance access to the Library's holdings. Initiatives
> for Access will further the published Strategic
> objectives for the year 2000, in particular "to provide
> a simple means of access to the Library's collection
> and its services via electronic networks".
> The Network OPAC will give remote users access over
> JANET to the collections of the humanities and science
> reading rooms in London. Later in the summer, we hope
> to add the current monograph holdings of the Document
> Supply Centre at Boston Spa to the Network OPAC. The
> files currently mounted cover a vast subject area from
> the 15th century to the present day in a wide variety
> of languages. An unusual feature of the Network OPAC is
> that users will be able to search for material using
> foreign character sets such as Greek, Cyrillic or
> Hebrew.
> The Network OPAC has been on test at the universities
> of Bath, Newcastle and Westminster and, following
> positive responses from these sites, has now been made
> available to the first batch of applicants. The
> technical requirements have been finalised and in
> summary a site will require a JANET IP ( Internet)
> service connection and some kind of Winsock compatible
> tcp/ip communications software.
> The British Library will provide client software to run
> on a PC which will set up a Network OPAC icon running
> under Windows. Clicking on the icon will take the user
> into the OPAC itself. This gives remote users access to
> the system without losing the attractive user interface
> based on good use of colour and graphics which has
> proved so popular with readers using the Online
> Catalogue in the reading rooms in London. Users will
> not hold the bibliographic data on their PC but will be
> connecting to a data server at the British Library
> which holds the catalogue information.
> During the trial period NBS will investigate usage with
> a view to subsequently offering a permanent Network
> OPAC service. During the trial the service will be free
> with no charge for the client software or for access to
> the catalogues. The Library will be looking at the
> reactions of users and at ways in which the service
> could be developed in the future. The Network OPAC has
> been demonstrated at the International ONLINE
> Exhibition in December 1993 and more recently at
> Computers in Libraries, where it has created a great
> deal of interest. It will be shown at the Library
> Resources Exhibition at the National Exhibition Centre,
> Birmingham, June 21-23, where it will feature in the
> special display Campus '94'.
> If you would like details of how to register for the
> Network OPAC please contact Jan Ashton at The British
> Library National Bibliographic Service, Boston Spa,
> Wetherby, West Yorkshire, LS23 7BQ. Phone: 0937 546603;
> Fax: 0937 546586; JANET e-mail:
> Welcome to new subscribers
> We are pleased to welcome all new subscribers to our
> services, who include the following:
> National Library Of Australia
> Hong Kong Barracks
> National Library Of Canada
> Rhodos International Subscription Agency Denmark
> Finnish Broadcasting Co
> Ecole Nationale Superieure Telecom, France
> Deutsche Staatsbibliothek, Germany
> Universitatsbibliothek Leipzig, Germany
> University Of Iceland Library
> Cork Regional Technical College, Ireland
> Royal Irish Academy, Ireland
> Waterstones Booksellers, Ireland
> Biblio Nazionale Centrale, Italy
> Hiroshima City University, Japan
> Faxon Europe, Netherlands
> Vernadsky Science Library, Netherlands
> Auckland City Libraries, New Zealand
> Hydro Aluminium Tech Centre, Norway
> British Council, Pakistan
> Longus Bokimport, Sweden
> Adams Grammar School
> AGF Insurance Management Ltd
> Backwell School
> Barnet Libraries Arts & Museums
> Basingstoke & N Hampshire Health Auth
> Birmingham Library Services
> BOC Group
> Brentwood School
> British Sugar
> Brynteg Comprehensive School
> Business & Medical Book Centre Limited
> Caltex Subscription Department
> Cheadle Hulme School
> Civil Aviation Authority
> Collet's Library Supply
> Cowal Teachers' Centre
> Croesyceiliog Comprehsensive School
> Dalziel High School
> Department of Employment
> Department of Social Security
> Dillons Bookstore
> Dixons City Technology College
> Dow Europe Geneva
> Durham County Library
> Dynix Library Systems (Uk) Ltd
> Eastbourne Sixth Form College
> Edgware General Hospital
> Friends Book Centre
> Helsinki City Library
> Henry Box School
> Hillcrest School
> Instituto Chileno Santiago, Chile
> International Labour Organisation
> Isle of Wight County Library
> Josiah Mason College
> King Fahad Library, Saudi Arabia
> Libreria Delsa, Madrid
> London Underground Ltd
> Los Angeles Public Library
> Malvern Girls College
> Microinfo Ltd
> Midlothian Dist Council Comm Services
> National Central Library Of Taiwan
> National Library Of Greece
> Newbold College
> North West Data Services
> Ove Arup Partnership
> Philips Info Technology
> Royal Hampshire County Hospital
> Scottish Natural Heritage
> Silkroad Images Holland
> Sorin Biomedica Uk Ltd
> South Park Sixth Form College
> Stanway Comprehensive School
> Stepney Green School
> Strathclyde Regional Council
> Suffolk County Council
> Sveriges Lantbruesuniversitets Uppsala
> Thames Valley Police
> The Street Bookshop
> Tokyo Joho Daigaku
> UNICEF Library Florence
> United Nations Geneva
> University of Cambridge
> University of Cadiz
> University of Trieste
> Vaasa University
> Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
> Virginia State Library Archives, USA
> Scholars and robbers: news from recent exhibitions
> Richard Thurlow, Exhibition Manager
> The British Library Educational Interfaces was the
> banner headline that ran along the length of the
> Library's impressive 14.5 metre long stand at BETT 94,
> the educational technology exhibition held at Olympia
> in January. The headline was justified by the National
> Bibliographic Service's decision to co-exhibit with
> Softlink Europe, Libris and Sirsi. All three companies
> have developed library automation packages that come
> supplied with BNB records already mounted on them, and
> the joint venture provided us with the ideal
> opportunity to demonstrate our growing links with the
> private sector.
> The 16,500 visitors to the four day exhibition
> benefitted from having a variety of library services
> available for demonstration on our stand. In addition
> to the complete library automation packages, BNB on CD-
> ROM and BLAISE-LINE, the Library's education service
> joined us to show their multimedia interactive CD-ROMs,
> which have been developed to give access to a wide
> range of scientific, historical and wildlife material
> for use as part of the National Curriculum.
> February saw the exhibition team back in London. The
> event, Computers in Libraries, was on a much smaller
> scale than Bett with only a tenth of the visitor
> numbers but it was no less important in the opportunity
> that it provided to talk to current and prospective
> customers.
> Again the British Library stand featured products and
> services from across the Library with staff from the
> Document Supply Centre and the Medical Information
> Service joining with the National Bibliographic
> Service. Featured as part of the NBS display was the
> Library's new Network OPAC. This proved to be very
> popular, generating a stream of enquiries about when it
> would be available via JANET. The first article in this
> newsletter answers their question, and most of those at
> the exhibition who requested access now have it.
> As those of you who have worked on exhibition stands
> will know, it is hard work with long days spent on your
> feet with little chance of a break. Compensation is
> gained however from the people you meet and from the
> amusing and sometimes dramatic incidents that take
> place. Computers in Libraries was particularly rich in
> the latter with the drama of a GEAC representative
> giving chase to a thief he had caught red-handed. The
> culmination was a tumbling struggle down the escalator
> as the pursuer grabbed hold of the pursued. Although
> rather like Peter Rabbit the culprit managed to wriggle
> out of his jacket and escape, the pockets contained
> documents containing his name and address so hopefully
> justice was eventually done.
> The NBS will be exhibiting at several events over the
> coming months including Library Resources at Birmingham
> in June and LibTech at Hatfield in September so if
> you're going to be there make a point of coming along
> to see us!
> Since January, potential BLAISE-LINE users who express
> an interest in the databases have been given the
> option of taking up a day's free trial to explore the
> system.
> The launch of the Department of the Environment as the
> 21st BLAISE-LINE database at the International Online
> exhibition in December 1993 stimulated particular
> interest in the system, and a number asked if there was
> a way of trying it out before they committed themselves
> to the year's subscription. NBS has responded by
> offering the free trial and a Starter Pack which will
> help new users negotiate their first connection to
> BLAISE-LINE. The pack includes :
> Quick Reference Guide to BLAISE-LINE
> Connecting to BLAISE-LINE fact sheet
> Commonly used Search and Print Qualifiers
> Online document requests via BLAISE-LINE
> British Library Document Supply Centre Information Pack
> Training Courses for 1994
> Once you have received the Starter Pack, you are
> invited to contact NBS Customer Services on 0937 546585
> (International +44 937 546585) to arrange a mutually
> agreeable time for the day's free trial of the system.
> We will be pleased to arrange a trial system password
> and a convenient date for you. You can do this to suit
> yourself and you do not have to do this immediately.
> During the day's trial, a member of the BLAISE-LINE
> support team will telephone you to see how you are
> getting on with searching the databases. If you have
> any further queries connected with this offer please do
> not hesitate to contact NBS.
> Set fair for success
> Patrick O'Brian is the well-known author of the Jack
> Aubrey novels, set during the Napoleonic wars and this
> book is an appreciation of his writing life. It
> includes an autobiographical essay by Patrick O'Brian
> himself as well as contributions from eminent academics
> such as N A M Rodger and Brian Lavery and admirers such
> as Charlton Heston.
> W.W. Norton, Patrick O'Brian's US publishers who are
> producing the bibliography there report great interest.
> Following an enthusiastic response from readers and
> bookshops, they increased their order substantially
> while the book was still at the printers.
> Some copies of the specially-bound Collectors' edition
> are still available. Details are available from the
> editor on 0937 546610.
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