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Subject: Shadow

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Subject: Shadow
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Shadow is an electronic magazine (e-zine) produced on a quarterly basis.
It is geared toward the young adult population, but we invite readers of
all ages. Within the "pages" of Shadow, you'll find articles, graphics,
and fiction stories.

[Current Issue Contents]

Introduction Brian P. Murphy
Brian Murphy, editor of Shadow talks about the magazine's
purpose and goals.

AM or FM? Claudine G. Wirths & Mary Bowman-Kruhm
Shadow has been fortunate enough to aquire these two highly
informed women who provide our readers with a first-hand
look at study habits in the classroom. They discuss the idea
of absent-minded learning versus focus-minded learning.

A Rose Margaret Yang
Mab Callahan is sick and tired of her first name. Nobody is
named Mab. She desperately wants to legally change her name,
but the tradition rooted so deeply within her mother seems to
be an impassable barrier.

The Railroad Bridge Michael J. Laven
Michael Laven describes the unthinkable in this eerie tale
of a child who is faced with numerous social problems
revolving around his huskiness. When a stranger offers to
help, things take a dreadful twist.

Mama And The Blind Date Gina Vitolo
In this story, Gina Vitolo brings out the strong feelings
that arise as high school prom time comes around and shows
what happens to a girl who can't find a date for the prom on
her own.

Author Biographies
Brief biographies on all the authors published in the
summer edition of Shadow.

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