Sino-Platonic Papers


Sino-Platonic Papers

Publisher: Department of East Asian Languages and Civilizations,
University of Pennsylvania

Language: English, Major scholarly languages of the world

Country: United States

Frequency: Irregular

Subscription Fee: No

Sino-Platonic Papers is an occasional series edited by Victor H. Mair
of the University of Pennsylvania’s Department of East Asian Languages
and Civilizations. The purpose of the series is to make available to
specialists and the interested public the results of research that,
because of its unconventional or controversial nature, might otherwise
go unpublished.

Although the chief focus of Sino-Platonic Papers is on the
intercultural relations of China with other peoples, challenging and
creative studies on a wide variety of philological subjects will be
entertained. This series is not the place for safe, sober, and stodgy
presentations. Sino-Platonic Papers prefers lively work that, while
taking reasonable risks to advance the field, capitalizes on brilliant
new insights into the development of civilization.

E-ISSN: 2157-9687

Editor: Victor H. Mair


Start Year: 1986

Subject: China

Date Posted: 12 March, 2013

Original posting date: 
Tuesday, March 12, 2013
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