Social Cosmos


Social Cosmos

Social Cosmos is an interdisciplinary peer reviewd journal. The
journal is written, reviewed and co-published by students of the Von
Humboldt College, the

honors programme of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Utrecht
University. As a product of the yearly seminar ‘Dare to Compare’ the
journal strives for

understanding and analysing a wide variety of issues within the social
sciences from out the disciplines of psychology, sociology,
anthropology and

pedagogy. The specific subject to be compared is decided upon by the
students every year and depends on the specific contents of the
course, the students

themselves and timelines.


Contact: Dr. Jette A. Westerbeek


Subject: Social Sciences, Psychology, Anthropology, Pedagogy

Date Posted: 9th December, 2012

Original posting date: 
Monday, December 10, 2012
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