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Social Science Electronic Publishing

Date: Mon, 8 May 1995 02:28:40 GMT
Subject: Social Science Electronic Publishing

The first part of the message is a snippet from a recent EDUPAGE. The
second part is from Beth King of ARL, with a description and URL
for this new venture. The Moderators

Date: Fri, 5 May 1995 14:57:59 -0400 (EDT)
From: Lisabeth King <lisabeth>
Subject: Re: Track this one down?

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> Three finance economists have formed a company targeted at changing the way
> academic information is distributed. Social Science Electronic Publishing
> produces an electronic journal on the Internet, allowing subscribers to
> browse among abstracts of academic papers and then order what interests
> them. "We are changing the academic landscape. People used to publish to
> get tenure. Now there will be less junk because they will be writing for
> public consumption. People have to focus on good topics," says one of the
> founders. (Business Week 5/8/95 p.28)
(Link inactive 27 July 2004)
(Link active 27 July 2004)


Social Science Electronic Publishing, Inc. (SSEP)

SSEP's roots formed when in 1993 Wayne Marr began the formation of the
Financial Economic Network (FEN) to connect finance scholars and
professionals throughout the world.

In 1994, Michael Jensen joined Wayne in creating the Journal of
Financial Abstracts and its various accepted and working papers series.
Their efforts became known in academic and business circles throughout
the world. Before the end of the year, the framework of SSEP was
conceived. The SSEP management team was rounded out when Gene Fama
accepted the position of Chairman. The governance structure of SSEP is:

Eugene F. Fama - Chairman
Michael C. Jensen - President
M. Wayne Marr - Vice President

Our conviction is that there is a need for an electronic publisher of
quality academic and professional journals and related materials in
financial economics and the social sciences. Faculty members, business
leaders and technical professionals are demanding research materials on
a convenient and timely basis. SSEP is committed to providing such
materials. We have a full compliment of future projects on our drawing
board and look forward to being of service to faculty members, business
leaders and technical professionals around the world.

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