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If you thought music for the symphony orchestra or string quartet died
along with the nineteenth century, read on! There are thousands of
composers and performers dedicated to continuing the tradition of whatis
often generically called Classical Music.

[soundout] is your connection to the latest sounds, the hottest CDs, the
best new performers and composers on the path from Beethoven and before
to the music of today and tomorrow. Follow the threads on our funny and
informative interviews and articles, or check out Art Bully's pointed
reviews. Confused by the lingo? Then bop on over to the glossary. Even
if we're just a rest stop on your cruise on the superhighway, take an
offramp for new paths to thread at our clicker.

In our premiere issue:

Featured Composer:
an interview with computer music guru Paul Lansky.

Featured Performer:
the best of a new generation, the New Millennium Ensemble

The Art Bully Recording Review
how many avocadoes, sir? tABu spins CDs of Wuorinen and Chasalow.

Gimme the Clicker!:
The soundout remote control to the coolest links related (and some not
related!) to this issue.

The State of the Art : the first editorial
"Why do I bother?" by Jason Uechi.

[soundout] is brought to you by Jason Uechi, editor, associate editors
Bruce Quaglia, Anthony Brandt (European bureau), Josh Skaller, and a
host of characters across the globe. If you have any questions,
comments, or wish to find out how to submit articles or reviews, drop a
note to

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