Studia et Documenta. Rivista dell'Istituto Storico S an Josemaría Escrivá


Studia et Documenta. Rivista dell'Istituto Storico San Josemaría Escrivá

Description: Studia et Documenta is an annual review of scholarly
articles that give insights into the person and teachings of St.
Josemaría Escrivá and of the history of Opus Dei in its immediate
historical context. Articles submitted to Studia et Documenta should
be original contributions, and will be assessed by two specialists
prior to publication.

Publisher: Istituto Storico San Josemaría Escrivá

Language: Italian, Spanish, English, French, German, Portuguese

Country: Italy

Frequency: Annual

Publication fee: No

Subscription fee: No

Start year: 2007


P-ISSN: 1970-4879


Abstracts: Yes

Language of abstracts: English, and the language of each article

Keywords: History, Opus Dei, San Josemaría

Subject: Religion

Date Posted: 9 September 2013

Original posting date: 
Monday, September 9, 2013
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