Subscriber Update


Subscriber Update

Date: Tue, 9 May 1995 02:04:46 GMT
Subject: Subscriber Update

On May 1st, NewJour passed the 2000 subscriber mark. Our 2000th and
2001st subscribers signed up that day and were from Bucknell University
and Chemical Abstracts, respectively. We are also proud to have
subscribers on all seven continents, including researchers at the
McMurdo Station at the South Pole.

More and more subscribers are forwarding announcements to NewJour.
There is no prescribed format here for announcements for new Internet
journals and newsletters. At a minimum, announcements should name the
publication, offer a brief description, give a URL or subscriber
address, and name a contact person/address. They may be much longer
than that and include tables of contents or issues, though we reserve
the right to shorten announcements that are mailbox crushers. All the
announcements are added to the NewJour archives which you can find, as
we announced here earlier, on the gophers at and
(linked to) The archives are fully searchable, so a longer
announcement will potentially offer more "hit" possibilities for users
of the archive.

Thank you for your participation.

The Moderators

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James O'Donnell/University of Pennsylvania (

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Sunday, July 30, 1995
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