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SunFlash 75.35

What is SunFlash ?

March 1995 John J. McLaughlin, Editor/Publisher

This is a brief description of SunFlash. Please forward this article
to any Sun users that you know. Thanks! -johnj

o SunFlash was the first free Electronic Journal dedicated to
Sun users, worldwide

o Delivers news, features, press-releases, newsletters, and
information directly from Sun to Sun users

o Up to 100 articles per month delivered by electronic mail.
Nine editions available including daily and weekly
summaries in standard or multi-media mail

o Subscribers can request the full-text of any article at any
time by e-mail. Full-text and HTML versions of the
articles are available by ftp

o SunFlash can be found on the World Wide Web at a number
of locations including:

o The weekly summary is posted to the newsgroup

o Easy to Join! Simply send email to In your message body type:

subscribe sunflash

o For more information, send email to with 9001 in the Subject field


What is SunFlash ?

SunFlash is a six year-old Electronic Journal that is distributed by email
over the Internet to 130,000+ Sun users. You can use SunFlash to stay
informed about Sun, its products and services.

Articles are posted to the SunFlash subscribers frequently. Up to 100
articles may be posted in a given month. For those people who prefer a
predictable number of issues, there are daily, weekly and monthly
editions.These editions have a one paragraph summary for each posted
article. Subscribers can use the Full-Text On-Demand auto-responder to
have the complete article e-mailed to them.

Electronic Journals like SunFlash are designed with on-line viewing and
searching in mind. Articles are formatted in plain ASCII. Electronic
Journals are not restricted by the processes of printing and distribution.
They have a number of advantages over printed journals:

Frequency -
the editor can publish the electronic journal as frequently as
desired as there are no printing and distribution costs.

Timeliness -
critical information can be published immediately. There are no
printing or delivery delays.

Searchable -
as the articles are plain text files they can be collected and
searched easily. New users can easily get back issues.

Shareable -
issues of the Electronic Journal can easily be shared with
colleagues. Just forward the email!

Who Produces SunFlash?

SunFlash is edited and produced by John J. McLaughlin, a Senior Sun
Systems Engineer based in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. John is also Vice
President of the Sun User Group. John graduated (Computer Science) -
with honors - from the University of Glasgow, Scotland. He has been
involved with UNIX systems for sixteen years in a variety of roles. John
is also publisher/editor of the "Sun FlashBack".

What's Posted to SunFlash?

o All Sun Press Releases

o SunIntros. These are technical articles that follow a product announcement.

o Sun security articles

o Sun Newsletters (such as "Hot Off the Press" and "Sun's Hottest")

o Sunergy Newsletters and announcements

o Sun Conference announcements (such as the Developer's Conference)

o SunSoft Press book announcements

Who Subscribes?

Over 130,000 people in more than 60 countries subscribe to SunFlash.
More that 10% of all Sun employee are SunFlash subscribers along with
large numbers of VARs, end-users, system administrators, ISVs,
developers, analysts and journalists.

Distribution Options or Editions

Each SunFlash distribution option is implemented as a mailing list. Some
of the mailing lists receive all of the articles, and some receive abstracts.

Subscribers can send for the full text of the article any article by sending
email to an automatic response program. The Subject line should contain
one or more article numbers separated by spaces. The email address is:

There are five mailing list types:

1. Daily
about 1 message per day. Some will be abstract type articles.

2. Weekly
1 abstract article per week. Typical article will have 25 abstracts.
(The Weekly SunFlash Digest)

3. Monthly
1 abstract article per month.Typical article will have 100 articles.
(The Monthly SunFlash Digest)

4. Full
no abstracts. The full-text of every article will be sent to the Full

5. Multi-Media
Article body has one paragraph for each article and the articles are
included as attachments. MailTool and MIME versions are

Mailing list names

The names for the mailing lists are:

Daily SunFlash

Daily SunFlash, mailtool format (all articles)

Daily SunFlash, Mime format (all articles)

Weekly SunFlash

Monthly SunFlash

Full SunFlash (all articles)

Full SunFlash for US subscribes (all articles)

Mailtool SunFlash Weekly (all articles)

MIME SunFlash Weekly (all articles)

SunFlash ftp Archives

Archives of the SunFlash articles in plain text can be found on in the pub/sunflash directory. The pub/sunflash/www
contains HTML versions of all the SunFlash articles. There files can be
installed in your own World Wide Web (WWW) server.

How To Subscribe

You can subscribe to one of the nine SunFlash mailing lists by sending
email to:

with a message body that contains the word subscribe followed by one of
the mailing list names and then an email address. For example, if wants to get the weekly edition of SunFlash and the
weekly mailtool edition of FlashBack:

% mailx Majordomo@FlashBack.COM
subscribe sunflash-w
subscribe mt-flashback-w

SunFlash is a trademark. Sun, the Sun logo, Sun Microsystems, are
trademarks of Sun Microsystems, Inc. All SPARC trademarks are
trademarks or registered trademarks of SPARC International, Inc.
Products bearing the SPARC trademark are based upon an architecture
developed by Sun Microsystems, Inc. All other product or service names
mentioned are trademarks of their respective owners.

SunFlash - A Full-Text On Demand Newsletter for Users of Sun Computers

John J. McLaughlin - Publisher & Editor - flash@FlashBack.COM
Tim Wells - Associate Editor - tim@FlashBack.COM
Subscriptions to majordomo@FlashBack.COM
Article Requests to flashback@FlashBack.COM
Article Submissions to flash@FlashBack.COM

For a general introduction send email to flashback@FlashBack.COM with
9001 in the Subject line.

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