Tabula Rasa


Tabula Rasa

Date: Fri, 16 Jun 1995 20:33:47 GMT
Subject: Tabula Rasa

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Subject: Tabula Rasa
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[Primarily written in German]

(Journal of critical thought) comes to its seventh edition and third
year of existence. The journal is made by advanced students of
philosophy at the Institute of Philosophy,
Friedrich-Schiller-Universitat Jena, Thuringia, Germany and by
assistants, most of them also working in that remote academic field.

Our two main concerns are: a) to offer an informal forum where first
(second,third,...) steps into science can be brought to a wider public
with the hope to raise comments and criticism, b) to publish scientific
papers at a stage,where the patterns of argument and the main statements
are not yet fully established. But we do not refrain from accepting
articles and papers based on even doctorate theses and up, that don't
exceed eight to ten pages in length, preferably clearly written. We
would be pleased by texts in any winword style with a user friendly

At present philosophical subjects dominate the journal, which is due to
the profession of the writers/editors. But other sciences are equally
welcome (our third aim).

Small warning to the reader. When we labelled some of the journal's
papers `first attempts', we don't perceive them as being of less worth.
Definitely not. We would e.g. also accept the contributions of widely
known intellectual giants. But our readers should bear in mind that we
haven't got a referee system and that the work of separating minor ideas
(if any can be found) from better ones has to be done by themselves.
For better orientation we intend to add short abstracts to the tables of

Our present e-mail is:

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