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Teacher Talk

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Subject: Teacher Talk

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Subject: Teacher Talk


Teacher Talk is published by the Center for Adolescent Studies at the
School of Education, Indiana University, Bloomingotn, IN. It is a
publication for preservice, secondary education teachers. It exists as
a series of World Wide Web documents. It also is distributed in a print

[Table of Contents, most recent issue]

Media Hype of Stark Reality?
Violence in the Schools
Quotes from the Teacher Talk Forum on Violence in the
Female Fighting and the "Male Dance"
Gangs and Violence in the Schools
Drugs and Violence in the Schools

Tips for Creating a Peaceful Classroom
Alternate Responses
Two Scenarios
How to Intervene in a Fight
Peer Mediation
Peer Mediation in Two Schools
Credits and Special Thanks
Great Ideas!
Using Violent and Nonviolent Methods to Solve Problems
More or Less
Which Clip Should We Use?
Television and Violence


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