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Subject: Telecine

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From: Lisabeth King <lisabeth>
Subject: Telecine
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Telecine: The Journal of New Media Authoring in the Digital Domain

Edited quarterly in hyperspace at the Department of Radio/TV/Film
at Northwestern University - Evanston, IL.

Table of Contents

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Voume 2: SPRING 1995

Past Issues:

Volume 1 : WINTER 1995

At present |T|E|L|E|C|I|N|E| is published by:
Editor and Chief: C. Webb Young, MFA -


|T|E|L|E|C|I|N|E| is dedicated to publishing unique and creative forms
of media authoring which can only exist in the Digital Domain. We seek
submissions from anyone working on the WWW. We are interested in
promoting the authoring of hypertext documents which cannont be
faithfully distributed in a form other than digital. The work may
include images(GIF or JPEG), film clips(MPEG or QT) or hypertext(HTML)
links to other resources or information on the internet.

In addition to accepting media-related critical studies documents, we
are committed to publishing innovative, interactive and information-rich
hypertexts of any type that challenge our notions of digital media and
media authoring.


|T|E|L|E|C|I|N|E| will publish accepted submissions in two forms: Either
a hyperlink will be provided by our journal to the internet location of
the source material (http,ftp,gopher,etc.) or for those without access
to a public interent site we will maintain a copy of the document
locally on our WWW server. If you are interested in submitting your
work or have further questions please e-mail Chris Young at Please include the location of your document and/or
a brief synopsis of its content.

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The content of the documents published in |T|E|L|E|C|I|N|E| are strictly
the responsibility of the author and in no way reflect the views of the
editors, the Department of Radio/TV/Film or Northwestern University at
large. The rights for original document content is entirely held by the
authors who by virtue of their submission conceed that all material
contained within or referenced abides in good faith by copyright laws
and fair usage provisions. The editors of |T|E|L|E|C|I|N|E| retain the
right to refuse work on any grounds.

TELECINE: The Journal of New Media Authoring in the Digital Domain -
)1995 C. Webb Young

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