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Subject: TikiZine

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Subject: TikiZine

(Link inactive 10 August 2004)

[From the 1st issue's introduction]

Well, we're not exactly sure what TikiZine is all about. The idea for
it sprang from our daily discussions on everything from why Babylon 5
should or should not be considered an "epic", to the musical merits of
Veruca Salt, to the fact that the AK-47 is the best assault weapon in
the world*. We decided that, since we are all so impassioned about
these admittedly non-essential topics, we should inflict them upon the
rest of the world.

So, here we are.

TikiZine: A Bi-Weekly Survey Of All Things Cool is an electronic
magazine published the first and fifteenth of every month by the members
of TikiList.

TikiZine welcomes submissions for inclusion (it takes the pressure off
of us). All should be sent to Dan Kast, Editor-in-Chief
(cricket@uiuc.edu); please query before sending a manuscript. Writers'
guidelines available upon request. Other media (graphics, audio, etc.)
may be included as well. Write to tell us what you have in mind, and we
will let you know what format is most appropriate.

If we had a subscription rate, I'm sure it would be quite reasonable.

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