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Subject: Tristero

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Subject: Tristero
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Welcome to TRISTERO - the free press online newsletter brought to you
from East Brunswick, New Jersey.

TRISTERO is an interactive, two-way street for readers and writers of
all walks of life and schools of thought to express themselves.
Informative and entertaining, TRISTERO goes beyond the facets of
typicality to set a new standard in the freedom of speech.

Table of Contents

Just Ramblin'
Brian Mergentime fires off on issues of all types in this free-flowing,
short and enjoyable column.

What the Fuck!?!
A column that tries to recover America's ability to rationalize the
obvious in the light of the media's ability to brainwash.

The Blacklist
We nail down the companies with poor customer service, less-than-quality
products, or misleading
advertisements and grill them in this scathing reader-submitted column.

Front and Center
Our best essay submissions are found here, and focus on one single social

The Tangled Web
Updates on great sites around the web and a constant look at the looming
cloud of censorship that threatens to plague the World Wide Web.

The Fashion and Etiquette Corner
Straight from the fashion magazines of New York City and the pages of
Emily Post, Melissa Popolillo updates us of the latest trends and rules
of demeanor.

The Art Gallery
Walk through the works of art from young and aspiring new artists.

Resume Online
Employment agencies and recruiters alike should feel free to browse
through this mini-database of resumes from all trades and walks of life. All
resumes are listed by objective.

The Sound Center
This is the place to visit to hear the sounds of some new and upcoming
bands. Currently featured : Wellcurbs, In Blu and Corey Small.

Writer's Block
In what might be the most popular part of "Tristero," this section is
filled with great poems, plays and fiction submitted by writers from all
walks of life.

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Saturday, July 29, 1995
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