Turkish Journal of Education


Turkish Journal of Education


Prepared exclusively by professionals, the Turkish Journal of
Education refereed journal

publishes original manuscripts in the fields of education.

All research articles in this journal have undergone

rigorous peer review, based on initial field editor

screening and anonymous refereeing by three anonymous

referees. The reviewing process takes 30 days. According to

referees’ comments on manuscript, editor-in-chef gives

decision about whether manuscript is published or not.

Subjects include:

Physical Education Sport

Computer Education and Instructional Technology

Education Management

Program Development in Education

Philosophy and Related Fields Education

Science Education

Mathematic Education

Engineering Education

Teacher Training

Measurement and Evaluation

Special Education

Psychological Counseling and Guidance

Recreation Education

Art Education

Social Sciences Education

Technology Education

Turkish Language Education

Foreign Language Education

ISSN: 2147-2858

Vice Editor: Mehmet Tekerek

Email: turjeonline@gmail.com

Subject: Physical Education Sport, Computer Education and
Instructional Technology, Education Management, Program Development in

Philosophy and Related Fields Education, Science Education, Mathematic
Education, Engineering Education, Teacher Training, Measurement and

Evaluation, Special Education, Psychological Counseling and Guidance,
Recreation Education, Art Education, Social Sciences Education,

Education, Turkish Language Education, Foreign Language Education

Date Posted: 25th January, 2013

Original posting date: 
Friday, January 25, 2013
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