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Date: Tue, 13 Sep 1994 13:04:31 -0400 (EDT)
From: Ann Okerson <>
Subject: New E-Titles/Pt. 1

This and the next two messages are brief notifications of new e-titles
(mostly newsletters) from Lisabeth King, ARL research assistant,

In this message:

Cyberchronicle of Political Economy
Physics Education News
Concerns of Young Mathematicians
Peirce Edition Project
University of Southern California Chronicle


The Cyberchronicle of Political Economy

To subscribe to The Cyberchronicle of Political Economy, please include:
SUBSCRIBE COPE "Your Real Name in Quotes"
in the body of a mail message to <>.

COPE is a part of the Network Access Initiative (NAI) sponsored by the
Department of Economics and Business Analysis, College of Business
Administration, Sam Houston State University. COPE provides the first
electronic periodical for the field of economics. The periodical is
distributed electronically on a bi-monthly basis. COPE features brief
articles, book reviews, comments and replies regarding previously
materials, and brief abstracts of articles published elsewhere.

Call for Manuscripts
The Cyberchronicle of Political Economy

The Editorial Board of The Cyberchronicle of Political Economy (COPE)
invites submissions of manuscripts for consideration. COPE, the first
electronic periodical to serve the discipline of political economy, is a
peer reviewed compendium of current and focused research topics within
the discipline. With six issues annually, its electronic format and
medium facilitates timely review, publication, and dissemination of

It is not expected that COPE will serve as a medium for complex final
reports of research agenda. Instead, COPE intends to focus on
intermediate research results, providing a forum for the evolution of an
on-going program of inquiry.

Submissions being sought include:
- articles (up to 20 pages; preferably in the range of 8-10 pages)
dealing with original research, restatements and extensions of
existing research, or consolidations of pedagogical positions;
- reviews (up to 3 pages) of current books in the broadly defined field
of political economy;
- comments and communications (up to 3 pages) regarding previously
published articles appearing in COPE; and
- abstracts (up to 6 paragraphs) of recently published articles in
other periodicals.
The page limits suggested above are provided as a rough guide only. These
may be viewed as a good approximation of what is acceptable for
most purposes. Extraordinary cases outside these limits will be
considered on their merits individually.

Submissions should follow the guidelines for authors (provided in a
separate file). Submissions should be forwarded, via electronic mail to
the address <>.

Inquiries regarding COPE may be forwarded to <>.


July 1994, No. 1

An electronic newsletter of the AIP Education Division
PEN is being published on a trial basis through December 31, 1994.
Please tell us your opinion of PEN. To subscribe, send an email
message to <>. Leave the "Subject" line blank. In
the body of the message, enter the following command: <add pen>.

American Institute of Physics
Education Division
Contact: Mr. Tracy Schwab


*Concerns of Young Mathematicians*
Volume 2 Issue 21
June 8, 1994

An electronically distributed digest for discussions
of the issues of concern to mathematicians at the
beginning of their careers.


Please, direct submissions and questions to Franklin Mendivil
<>, editor for the month of June.
Next issue: Wednesday, June 22

Editor for May: Curtis Bennett <>
Editor for June: Franklin Mendivil <>
Editor for July:

To subscribe: Send mail to Charles Yeomans at
Back issues and other information are available via anonymous FTP to, in pub3/mailing.lists/ymn-list.



The Peirce Edition Project has launched a quarterly newsletter. The
first issue (March 1994) is available on-line (without any fancy
formatting). If you would like to receive a copy, please contact
Beth Eccles at CPEIRCE@INDYCMS.IUPUI.EDU. The first issue runs to
about 700 lines of text.



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