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Villanova Information Law Chronicle

Date: Wed, 7 Jun 1995 23:03:29 GMT
Subject: Villanova Information Law Chronicle

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Subject: Villanova Information Law Chronicle
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The Villanova Information Law Chronicle is a hypertext publication that
carries the latest in current events concerning information law, papers
involving networking and the law, and essays discussing the future of
the information infrastructure.

[from Spring 1994 Table of Contents]

Regulation and the National Information Infrastructure
Henry H. Perritt, Jr.

Metaphors for Understanding Rights and Responsibilities in Network
Communities: Print Shops, Barons, Sheriffs, and Bureaucracies
Henry H. Perritt, Jr.

Representative Democracy or Remote Control: A Constitutional
Analysis and Critique of Ross Perot's Electronic Town Hall
Peter F. Harter

Applying the Lanham Act to Protect Electronic Products
D. Jennings Meincke

Cryptography for Attorneys - Beyond Clipper
Charles R. Merrill

An Analysis of the Security Risks Involved in Transmitting Credit Card
Numbers Over the Internet
Martin F. Noonan

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