The (virtual) Baguette


The (virtual) Baguette

Date: Mon, 8 May 1995 21:00:54 GMT
Subject: The (virtual Baguette)

Date: Mon, 8 May 1995 15:43:20 -0400 (EDT)
From: Lisabeth King <lisabeth>
Subject: The (virtual) Baguette
(Link inactive 31 August 2004)

Welcome to The (virtual) Baguette - Francais - English

Editor's thoughts

The (virtual) Baguette is the first French online magazine. It opens
new windows for a better understanding of the French culture. Through
the different themes you will be able to discover habits, places,
objects, and music that are part of what is called the grande French
culture. You may not know it, but humor is one of the greatest
attributes of the average French (after pride, of course!). That's why
in The (virtual) Baguette we have decided to highlight our subjects with
a touch of derision.

The (virtual) Baguette is a living magazine and its content is always
evolving. To match your needs, we will regularly add new articles, new
subjects or new guests. Furthermore, every three months we will publish
a completely new edition. Therefore, feel free to subscribe (for free)
and you will be the first to know when any new hot stuff comes out of
the oven.

So, come as often as you want, this is a place for rendez-vous.

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Sunday, July 30, 1995
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