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Subject: Announcement: WFP on the WWW

Back issues of Seattle area progressive news publication, Washington Free
Press, are now available on the WWW:

(Link inactive 12 January 2006)

(Link active 12 January 2006)

The site was created by Matt Robesch of the WFP Collective. Currently the
site is comprised of the complete texts of our stories. The cartoons,
photos and other visuals appearing in the print version of the paper will
be added in the future.

WFP is now entering it's third year (14 issues. WFP was recently nominated
for two 1994 Washington Press Association awards: Best publication
(non-daily, over 5,000 circ) and best story "It's All In Your Head" a
special report on how airplane manufacturer, Boeing, places certain workers
in dangerous work environments and stifles these workers' attempts to claim
medical compensation. The story is by Mark Worth and Eric Nelson (WFP, No.
8 Feb-Mar '94).

Stop by our site and experience old style journalism, the kind that isn't
afraid of losing sponsors by reporting the truth.

WFP Collective

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Saturday, July 29, 1995
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