Weather and Climate Extremes


Weather and Climate Extremes

Description: Weather and Climate Extremes provides academics, decision
makers, international development agencies, nongovernmental
organizations and civil society with publications on different aspects
of research in weather and climate extremes, monitoring and early
warning systems, assessment of vulnerability and impacts, developing
and implementing intervention policies, effective risk management and
adaptation practices to address local and regional needs and
circumstances, engagement of local communities in the adoption of
these practices to cope with extremes, and information and
communication strategies

Language: English

Country: Netherlands

Publisher: Elsevier

Frequency: As articles are ready to be published

Fee information current as of 9 September 2013

Subscription fee or article fee: No

Publication fee for authors: Publication fee waived for articles
submitted in 2013

Abstracts: Yes

Abstracts language: English


E-ISSN: 2212-0947


Start year: 2013

Keywords: Weather, Climate

Subject: Meteorology

Date posted: 9 September 2013

Original posting date: 
Monday, September 9, 2013
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