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Web Travel Review

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Web Travel Review is dedicated to bringing you high quality travelogues
illustrated with thousands of photographs and the fastest service on the
Internet (T3 to the Backbone). We feature travel writing by Philip
Greenspun, including the Best of the Web '94-winning Travels with

Take a little time to explore and you'll discover why 700 people make
100,000 requests every day.

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North America
Travels with Samantha. A 3.5 month voyage from Boston to Alaska
and back. 210 pages of text and more than 250 photographs.
"Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. ... Travels with Samantha is
certainly the most rewarding, touching thing I've seen through the
Internet." -- Jonathan A. (Austin, Texas)
Footsteps: The long-awaited sequel to Travels with Samantha.
Greenspun journeys through the South, works at Los Alamos, and
drives back through the north in foliage season. 32 pages of text
and more than 400 photographs.
New York City Vignettes
Images of New Mexico: almost all pictures.
Disneyland: What Wired meant when they said the Web was a bunch of
nerds stupid enough to think that their vacation snapshots
would be of interest to anyone else.
Berlin and Prague: Nazis, Jews, stamp collectors, and beautiful
women . Impressions of both cities with a little bit of history. 28 pages
of text and 56 photographs. "The best story on rec.travel I ever
read" -- Svein-Olaf H. (Sweden)
Central America/Caribbean
Costa Rica: a 1995 feature with over 200 photos, maps, and a whole
guidebook worth of background information.
Cayman Islands or Boston? Life is full of difficult choices. (plain text)
Australia and New Zealand
Email from New Zealand: Philip Greenpun's first Internet travelogue, a
trip to the Great Barrier Reef and New Zealand, being gradually
reworked. 67 pages illustrated with 74 photographs.


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