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Webster's Weekly
The Web Word
Date: Tue, 20 Sep 1994 07:49:42 -0400 (EDT)
From: Ann Okerson <ann@cni.org>
Subject: Several New E-Titles

A short list of some new titles follows. The first three with thanks
to Ken Laws of Computists' Communique (a wonderful source) and the
next two to Beth King of ARL:


Newton_News is a newsletter from Steve Holden
(sholden@nosc.mil), for news, reviews, and ads. Send a
"subscribe newton_news your name" message to listserv@netcom.com,
or read it on comp.sys.newton.misc, AppleLink, eWorld, AOL,
or CompuServe. Back issues in text and Mac Newton book format are
in /pub/btorres/Newton_News on ftp.netcom.com; Windows Newton book
format is in /pub/newton/misc/Newton_News on newton.uiowa.edu.
A WWW site is planned. [Bob Torres (btorres@netcom.com).
Bill Park, 9/2/94.] (The Newton platform encourages concise

The Web Word is "the first newsletter devoted exclusively
to the World Wide Web Community." 80KB monthly, from
Information Innovation (NY and Amsterdam), which will soon
provide "the Internet's largest repository of information for the
professional manager and technologist." Send an "intro <netadr>
your name" message to innovation@euronet.nl to get a sample issue.
[Steve Bennett (steve@euronet.nl), c.i.www.users, 9/9/94.

INFOMART computer/technology magazine is now on
(Link inactive 19 August 2004).
[jholman@onramp.net, c.i.announce, 7/16/94. net-hap.
Chilukuri K. Mohan.]


Cyberkind, prosaics and poetics for a wired world.
Editor: Shannon Turlington shannon@sunsite.unc.edu
"Cyberkind is the chronicle of a new society-the Networld.
Not merely a collection of poetry, prose and art, Cyberkind
catalogs the peculiar thoughts and emotions, the quirks and
idiosyncracies, the culture of the Networld, the child of
technology. The words on these virtual pages in one way or
another were all born of the Internet."

Webster's Weekly
http://www.awa.com/w2/ (Link inactive 14 August 2006)

Editor: Brian Knatz knatz@casagato.org
A magazine containing reviews, poetry, photos, and cartoons.
First issue: June 8, 1994

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Saturday, July 29, 1995
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