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Subject: WEBsurf

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Issue 2 (May 1995)
Issue 1 (April 1995)

WEBsurf is a monthly magazine about the World Wide Web. It was supposed
to be a print magazine, but in absence of a major publisher (Scream
Press is not equipped to print a magazine of this magnitude!), it's 100%

Welcome to Issue 2!

Table of Contents

How to turn an ugly 70k image into a sharp 12k graphic
Give your documents B R E A T H I N G R O O M!

More ways to publicize your site
Counters galore: just how popular is your site?

Cool Pages:
Comics, cartoons, funnies, and lots of 'em
America Online... struggling onto the Web?

A look at Prodigy's new Web browser
The Prodigy Browser Cache

A reader dares disagree with WEBsurf's imagemap comments

Press Releases:
Press releases emailed to WEBsurf this past month

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