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Vance Bell wrote:
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Witness is a non-standard electronic publication.

This is a fascinating site for both content and presentation. The site
concentrates on the daily life struggles of war refugees. There is one
report currently; however, the index to the site indicates that there will
be five serial installments.

Although the story is of tremendous importance, it's equally interesting
to look at this site just in terms of how various internet tools are
combined together to bring a wholly different feel to the magazine
experience. It's much more diverse than just text being presented on a
screen as opposed to printed on paper.

The site does require additional QuickTime viewers and plug-ins, and does
a nice job of assisting with this under "Essential Tools".

It's user-friendly to a wide variety of operating systems and browsers.

Recent Contents:

Part 1: A Journey with the Tuaregs The story begins in the
Sahara, one of Earth's harshest environments and the
cradle of Tuareg civilization.

Part 2: Life in a Refugee Camp A visit to M'Berra Camp, where
thousands of Tuareg families found safety from war.

Part 3: The Road Back to Mali A convoy rumbles through the
desert, a hard, dusty trip for refugees going home for the
first time in five years.

Part 4: Marabouts, Minstrels, Slaves... A closer look at the
mosaic that is Tuareg society today.

Part 5: Can the Desert Nomad Survive? Leading camel caravans,
forever in search of a reliable water supply, Tuaregs
still living as nomads gauge their chances for survival.

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