Women Alive


Women Alive


Women Alive is a coalition of, by and for women living with HIV/AIDS.
We understand the pain and fear, how easy it is to hide, how difficult
it can be to come to terms with this disease and reach out. Women Alive
is the means we have created to help us connect with each other, bring
others like us out of isolation, exchange information about HIV
treatments, and take charge of our lives, our care, and our destiny.
Online access is free and issues date back to 1993.

Our Vision:
* Women Alive, setting the standard of quality care for women with
* Women Alive challenges national policies on treatment and prevention
of HIV/AIDS thus affecting world policy.
* We provide community leadership and mentor other women to become
effective advocates.
* Women Alive combats stigma and eliminates isolation.
* We will succeed in generating treatment research for women with HIV
* Women Alive will make HIV information reachable and understandable
to every woman throughout the world.

Journal email: info@women-alive.org

Original posting date: 
Thursday, October 16, 2003
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