Women in Parliament: The Year in Perspective


Women in Parliament: The Year in Perspective


Publisher: Inter-Parliamentary Union

The IPU is the international organization of Parliaments of sovereign States
(Article 1 of the Statutes of the Inter-Parliamentary Union). It was
established in 1889.

The Union is the focal point for world-wide parliamentary dialogue and works
for peace and co-operation among peoples and for the firm establishment of
representative democracy.

To that end, it:
* Fosters contacts, co-ordination, and the exchange of experience among
parliaments and parliamentarians of all countries;
* Considers questions of international interest and concern and expresses
its views on such issues in order to bring about action by parliaments and
* Contributes to the defence and promotion of human rights -- an
essential factor of parliamentary democracy and development;
* Contributes to better knowledge of the working of representative
institutions and to the strengthening and development of their means of

The IPU supports the efforts of the United Nations, whose objectives it
shares, and works in close co-operation with it. It also co-operates with
regional inter-parliamentary organizations, as well as with international
intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations which are motivated by
the same ideals.

Over a hundred-forty national parliaments are currently members of the IPU.
Seven regional parliamentary assemblies are Associate Members. Most members
are affiliated to one of the six geopolitical groups that are currently
active in the IPU.

The annual brochure provides an overview and analysis of progress made and
setbacks encountered by women in parliament further to elections and
renewals held over a year. Produced every year on the occasion of
International Women's Day (8 March), it presents data on women in national
parliaments, regional and world trends, information on women presiding
officers and women candidates. It also analyses mechanisms aimed at
supporting women's access to parliament.

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Current Issue: 2006

Date: 6 March 2007

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Tuesday, March 6, 2007
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