Women Philosophers’ Journal


Women Philosophers' Journal


Description: The Women Philosophers' Journal is conceived as the

International Network of Women Philosophers' major instance of

knowledge production, as well as a channel of communication between

the members at the international level. This endeavour represents a

rare international-scale experience, whose approach is based on a

principle of inclusiveness and multidisciplinarity. It shall unite

women philosophers of all regions and of all cultures around a common

effort, knowingly the very act of thinking by means of different

intellectual traditions and academic criteria and usages.

Language: English, French

Country: France

Publisher: UNESCO

Frequency: Irregular

Fee information current as of 21 May 2013

Subscription fee or article fee: No

Publication fee for Authors: No

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E-ISSN: 2225-3351

Email: j.crowley(at)unesco.org

Start year: 2011

Keywords: Women Philosophers

Subject: Philosophy

Date posted: 21 May 2013

Original posting date: 
Tuesday, May 21, 2013
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