Women's Health in Primary Care


Women's Health in Primary Care


Publisher: Jobson Publishing

Women's Health in Primary Care is a monthly magazine for physicians and
other health professionals. It provides these clinicians with
information on the wide spectrum of disorders affecting women.
Feature articles review current topics in cardiology, endocrinology,
gynecology, psychiatry, rheumatology, and many other areas.

Specific disorders are covered because they affect women
disproportionately (or uniquely), their natural history is different in
women, or treatment requirements are altered (by hormonal differences,
pregnancy, or other factors unique to women).

Also included are a variety of department features, including a
dermatologic photoessay, reviews of pharmacology, A Look Back (a
historical essay), patient handouts, case studies, clinical updates,
research reports, and statistical data on women's health.

Online access is free and issues date back to 1998.

Editor: Peter Doskoch E-mail: info@womenshealthpc.com

Original posting date: 
Thursday, October 30, 2003
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