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Women's Studies International Forum

(Link inactive 14 October 2004)

(Link active 14 October 2004)

Women's Studies International Forum (formerly Women's Studies International
Quarterly, established in 1978) is a bimonthly journal to aid the
distribution and exchange of feminist research in the multidisciplinary,
international area of women's studies and in feminist research in other
disciplines. The policy of the journal is to establish a feminist forum for
discussion and debate.

The journal seeks to critique and reconceptualize existing knowledge, to
examine and re-evaluate the manner in which knowledge is produced and
distributed, and to assess the implications this has for women's lives.

We seek contributions from people, individually or collectively, from
different countries and different backgrounds, who are engaged in feminist
research inside or outside formal educational institutions. We welcome a
variety of approaches and resources through the whole range of disciplines:
papers geared toward action-oriented research as well as those which address
theoretical methodological issues; and we encourage historical reassessments
of the lives and works of women. We urge all contributors both to
acknowledge the cultural and social specifics of their particular approach,
and to draw out these issues in their articles.

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