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The Word Detective


The Word Detective is the free online version of an
internationally-syndicated newspaper column answering readers' questions
about words and language (primarily word and phrase origins) since 1953.
The current issue examines, among other questions, the derivations of
"cop," "phoney," "sleep tight," "break a leg," and "big wheel."

A Brief History of The Word Detective

Words, Wit and Wisdom, as this column was formerly known, was begun by my
father, William Morris, who was also Editor-in-Chief of the first edition
of the American Heritage Dictionary, and author, with my mother, Mary
Morris, of numerous books on language, including The Morris Dictionary of
Word and Phrase Origins (HarperCollins). (Still in print)

Mildly Menacing Copyright Notice

All material herein (except the illustrations, which are in the public
domain, except the Netscape graphics, which are owned by, presumably,
Netscape) is Copyright ) 1996-97 by Evan Morris. Reproduction in part or
whole, without my explicit permission, is strictly forbidden.

If you wish to repost something you find here elsewhere on the net
or reprint it in a magazine or

If, however, you wish to forward the contents of this page to your family,
friends, household pets or elected officials, go right ahead.

e-mail: words1@word-detective.com

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