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Date: Thu, 11 May 1995 21:33:45 GMT
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Subject: WordPerfect Mac news

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Subject: WordPerfect Mac News

(Link inactive 9 June 2005)

Welcome to the WP Mac News Homepage! This is where you can gain access
to the most recent issue of WP Mac News, as well as view back issues.

Current Issue:

April, 1995

Back Issues:

March, 1995
January, 1995
February, 1995

Other ways to access the WP Mac News:

Our FTP Site
On AOL, in our WordPerfect forum (keyword wordperfect), in the Help and
Info files section of the Software Library.
On Compuserve, in the Mac software libraries of the WordPerfect board
(go wordperfect).

Feel free to distribute, free of charge, the downloadable version of the
WP Mac News. If you upload the WP Mac News to a BBS, let us know where
it is.

Other WordPerfect Sites:

WordPerfect Web page
WordPerfect FTP server
Novell Web page
Novell FTP server


April 1995
Issue 4

Editor's Corner
Tips and Tricks
Mastering Macros
Feature Highlight
Macros of the Month
Frequently Asked Questions
Your Turn
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WebPage and NetStuff: David Moulton
MacroMaster: Gene Bowley
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David Sessions
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Authority Figure: Dave Nielsen
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Carter, Ken Freeman, Michael McRaney
The WordPerfect Mac News is published monthly. You can get it at:

ftp.wordperfect.com, or on our BBS (801) 225-4414.
CompuServe: Go wordperfect in the Mac Software Library.
America Online: Keyword wordperfect in the Help and Info Files
section of the Software Library.
World Wide Web: http://www.novell.com/SalesMkt/mac
(Link inactive 9 June 2005)

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Saturday, July 29, 1995
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