Words Dance


Words Dance


Publisher: Amanda Oaks

WORDs DANCE, a poetry webzine that bops in with every season, publishing a
stirring mix of handpicked poetry written by established and budding poets
of the present.

We welcome a broad range of work, any style or form, formal or informal,
experimental and conventional.

The only toe-stepper for acceptance is the quality of the work. If we like
your groove, we will publish you, if not, we will leave you standing like
the wallflower you probably are, heh.

We created WORDs DANCE to publish poems that we admire, that we believe in.
As maturing writers ourselves we thought that we would take a swing on the
editorial floor, establishing a ballroom within to share with new spectators
the poems that mean the most to us.


Amanda Oaks
Email: amanda@wordsdance.com

Content freely accessible online.

Current Issue: Number 8 Fall 2005

Date: 26 April 2006

Original posting date: 
Wednesday, April 26, 2006
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