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Subject: Workers News Online
Date: Mon, 11 Aug 1997 13:15:33 -0400 (EDT)

Workers News Online
(Link inactive 24 August 2004)

Workers News Online is an electronic version of the print publication of
the same title published bi-weekly by the Socialist Equality Party,
Australian section of the ICFI.

Workers News Online provides:

News reports on major Australian and international events, political
analysis and commentary on a wide range of subjects

Information on the program, meetings and events of the SEP

A link to the online literature catalogue of Labour Press Books

and direct links to the World Socialist Web Site and the
websites of other sections of the ICFI.

Workers News Online invites readers not only to send us reports of events
that would be of interest to the international workers movement, but also
to post comments that encourage serious discussion of the issues of the

Recent Contents:

* Workers Inquiry: Wollongong leukaemia and cancer crisis: A
decisive blow against cancer cover-up
* International campaign frees Sri Lankan Trotskyist
* Personal observations of Detroit: A vision of what capitalism
has to offer
* Art and freedom: Andre Breton and problems of twentieth-century
* Unstable coalition installed in Papau New Guinea
* What is the US doing in Bosnia?


Mike Head, Editor,

Socialist Equality Party,

Original posting date: 
Saturday, August 16, 1997
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