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Date: Fri, 6 Mar 1998 14:08:59 -0500 (EST)

Workplace: A Journal for Academic Labor
(Link active 12 November 2010)

Publisher: Institute for Critical Education Studies (12 November 2010)

Workplace is a peer-reviewed electronic journal addressing the political,
historical, and aesthetic conditions of academic labor in North America
brought to you by the Graduate Student Caucus, an allied organization of
the Modern Language Association.

Workplace is available free of charge as an Open Access journal
on the Internet.

ISSN: 1715-0094

Workplace 1.1 ( Feb. 1998)

Foreword by Marc Bousquet: "The degree holder is the waste product
of a job system that produces Ph.D holders but does not use them.
In language and literature more than any other field the teaching
machine runs on non-degreed labor. . . ."


"What Hath English Wrought" by Cary Nelson: "The astonished gaze
that MLA casts on recent history suggests the windswept visage of
a profession no longer in control of its fate. Eyes bulging, the
figure is nearly swept away by forces it cannot comprehend. In
stark terror at their oncoming fury, it dares not turn to glance
at their destination. . . ."

"This Old House: Renovating CUNY's House of Labor" by Barbara Bowen
"The Future of an Illusion" by Christian Gregory
"Unionizing Against Cutbacks" by Paul Lauter
"What is an Organization like the MLA?" by Steve Watt
"Resistance is Fruitful:
Coalition-building in Ontario" by Victoria Smallman

Also, interviews, forums, convention reports, personal criticism.

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Future Issues of _Workplace_:

Oct '98 1:2 The Melodrama of Difference: The University in Tiers
Issue Editor: Tony O'Brien, Queens College, CUNY.
Feb '99 2:1 The Political is the Personal: Life Narratives of
Academic Labor. Issue Editor: Cheryl Torsney, West
Virginia University
Oct '99 2:2 Academic Labor, Social Policy, and the Law. Issue
Editor, Randy Martin, Pratt Institute
Feb '00 3:1 Political Economy and Higher Ed. Pedagogies. Issue
Editor: Wendy Hesford, Indiana University.
Oct '00 3:2 New Hegemony Studies: Illiberalism and Academic Labor
Issue Editor: Marc Bousquet

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