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Subject: World Business Conference
Date: Wed, 1 Oct 1997 17:35:07 -0400 (EDT)

World Business Conference
(Link inactive 26 August 2004)

The World Business Network ( release today an
Internet forum called the World Business Conference where people can meet
to present papers and discuss all aspects of international business.
Graduate students, academics and professionals can submit papers for
publication and discuss them on-line. A growing list of people from around
the world are joining together at the site to form an international 'panel
of experts'. In the spirit of global cooperation and collaboration these
experts have generously offered to provide information and assistance to
anyone interested in international business.

Some of the papers published this month cover such topics as guerrilla
tacics for international marketers, Russia's place in the global economy,
foreign investment in China, web site promotion and the impact of the
relation of power between NAFTA and MERCOSUR on the liberalization of
trade in the Americas. The current panel of experts include Dr. P.J. van
de Waal-Palms of Palms & Company Inc., Joan Faber of Faber Associates
International Marketing, Ram Narayanan of Janaky International
Corporation, David W. Chapman of EuroBank Trade Finance, Shrikumar R. Nair
of International Technologies Network, Inc., Gregory A. Estevane of
Professional Investigations Inc., Peter J. Robinson, Jr. of Assist
International, Martyn C. Merritt of Ariel Maritime Group Inc. and Bill
Dunlap of Euro Marketing Associates.

The goal of the World Business Conference is help academic and
professional business consultants increase the awareness of their
specialized services while at the same time provide the Internet community
with some valuable information on key areas of international business. As
it key organizer, the World Business Network is inviting these academics
and professionals to submit papers and join our international panel of

Recent Contents:


Conference Papers

Russia's Place In The Global Economy
Dr. P.J. van de Waal-Palms, Palms & Company

International Marketing: Guerrilla Tactics For
SMEs Shrikumar R. Nair, International Technologies
Network, Inc.

Thinking International: A 5-Point Checklist
Before You Launch Your Web Site In Other
Countries Bill Dunlap, Euro Marketing Associates

Using Developing Country Collateral To Access
European Credit Facilities
David W. Chapman, Bayou Trading Corp.

Enter The Dragon: A Guide To Foreign
Investment In China Shrikumar R. Nair,
International Technologies Network, Inc.

Les Négociations De La Zone De Libre-Échange
Des Amériques: Une Opportunité Pour Le
Canada Éric Lauzon, Think Tank Import-Export

An Export Deal Gone Wrong! Martyn C. Merritt,
Ariel Maritime Group Inc.

Going Global : Preparing Your Web Site
Strategy For Global Business Bill Dunlap, Euro
Marketing Associates


Douglas Freake

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Friday, October 3, 1997
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