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Subject: World Development
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World Development
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The Multi-Disciplinary International Journal Devoted to the Study and
Promotion of World Development


World Development is a multi-disciplinary monthly journal of development
studies. It seeks to explore ways of improving standards of living, and
the human condition generally, by examining potential solutions to
problems such as: poverty, unemployment, malnutrition, disease, lack of
shelter, environmental degradation, inadequate scientific and
technological resources, trade and payments imbalances, international
debt, gender and ethnic discrimination, militarism and civil conflict, and
lack of popular participation in economic and political life.
Contributions offer constructive ideas and analysis, and highlight the
lessons to be learned from the experiences of different nations,
societies, and economies. World Development recognizes 'development' as a
process of change involving nations, economies, political alliances,
institutions, groups, and individuals. Development processes occur in
different ways and at all levels: inside the family, the firm and the
farm; locally, provincially, nationally, and globally. Our goal is to
learn from one another, regardless of nation, culture, income, academic
discipline, profession or ideology. We hope to set a modest example of
enduring global cooperation through maintaining an international dialogue
and dismantling barriers to communication.


Development practitioners, scholars and researchers in the field of
development studies, including those in such disciplines as economics,
political science, sociology, geography, anthropology, engineering and
science policy, management and administration, agronomy, urban and
regional planning.

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Recent Contents:

World Development, Vol: 24, Issue: 11,
November 1996

1.Small Fields, Big Money: Two Successful
Programs in Helping Small Farmers
Make the Transition to High
Value-Added Crops
Benziger, V. , pp. 1681-1693 , PDF
(approx. 761.7KB)
2.Snails, Southern Hake and Sustainability:
Neoliberalism and Natural Resource
Exports in Chile
Schurman, R.A. , pp. 1695-1709 ,
PDF (approx. 878.9KB)
3.Seeking Guidelines for Poverty
Reduction in Rural Zambia
Alwang, J.; Siegel, P.B.; Jorgensen,
S.L. , pp. 1711-1723 , PDF (approx.
4.Household Fuelwood Demand and Supply
in Nepal's Tarai and Mid-Hills: Choice
Between Cash Outlays and Labor
Amacher, G.S.; Hyde, W.F.; Kanel,
K.R. , pp. 1725-1736 , PDF (approx.
5.The Urban Informal Sector in Central
America: Household Survey Evidence
Funkhouser, E. , pp. 1737-1751 ,
PDF (approx. 878.9KB)
6.Borrowing from the IMF: The Policy
Implications of Recent Empirical
Bird, G. , pp. 1753-1760 , PDF
(approx. 468.8KB)
7.Marketing the Third World: The
Contradictions of Portfolio Investment in
the Global Economy
Grabel, I. , pp. 1761-1776 , PDF
(approx. 937.5KB)
8.The Egyptian Food Subsidy System:
Operation and Effects on Income
Ali, S.M.; Adams, R.H. Jr , pp.
1777-1791 , PDF (approx. 878.9KB)

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