World Development Report (WDR)


World Development Report (WDR)

Publisher: The World Bank

The World Development Report (WDR) has been produced on an annual basis since 1978 and is the World Bank's major analytical publication. The topic of each report is selected by the Bank’s president three years in advance of the book’s publication.

As soon as the topic is announced, four major steps occur.

* Research is initiated within the Bank’s Development Economics Group (DEC), a “Network” (a group of Bank departments that research and work on several related sectors of development), or other appropriate units to strengthen links between the Bank’s ongoing research program and the WDR.
* A director is announced and the WDR team is recruited. A new team is established for each WDR. The team, which falls under the guidance of the Bank chief economist, is led by a senior Bank staff member and comprises staff and consultants from the Networks, Regional departments, World Bank Institute (WBI), and DEC’s Research Group. The team members are seconded to work on the WDR for a 12-month period.
* An internal partner group is identified for each WDR. Although the institutional home for each WDR is the DEC group, a partner group is identified early on (such as a thematic Network, WBI, or a Regional department) so that the knowledge created is further developed and actively applied after publication of the report.
* A timetable is established for research, writing, review, consultations, presentation to the Board of Directors, editorial and production work, publication, and dissemination.

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Current Issue: 2010

Date: 29 November 2010

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Monday, November 29, 2010
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