World Futures


World Futures

Aims and Scope:

World Futures: The Journal of General Evolution is
dedicated to the study of irreversible, nonlinear, system-
structuring--that is, evolutionary--change in nature and
society. The journal accepts articles, research notes and
book reviews and invites leading essays in all fields of
scientific interest. The journal’s aim is to promote the
transfer of evolutionary models, theories and approaches
within and among the natural and the social sciences and
to encourage the development of evolutionary models,
theories, and approaches to concrete and urgent problems of
human and social interest.

Special issues, entrusted to guest editors, focus on
particular problems, themes or topics of current
theoretical or practical relevance, specified in
consultations with the Editor. Prospective contributions to
regular issues, and prospective guest editors of special
issues, are encouraged to consult the Instructions for

Ervin Laszlo, Budapest, Hungary

Managing Editors:
Muriel Adcock, US Editorial Office, USA
Mária Sági, International Editorial Office, Budapest,

Publication Details:
Volume 58, 2002, 6 issues per year
ISSN: 0260-4027

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Original posting date: 
Thursday, July 31, 2003
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