World History Connected: The EJournal of Teaching and Learning


World History Connected: The EJournal of Teaching and Learning

Publisher: The University of Illinois Press

World History Connected is designed for everyone who wants to deepen the
engagement and understanding of world history: students, college
instructors, high school teachers, leaders of teacher education programs,
social studies coordinators, research historians, and librarians.

For all these readers, WHC presents innovative classroom-ready scholarship,
keeps readers up to date on the latest research and debates, presents the
best in learning and teaching methods and practices, offers readers rich
teaching resources, and reports on exemplary teaching.

World History Connected gladly welcomes submissions. Among our interests:

* Essays on the state of the field. Because many world history teachers were
originally trained in U.S. and European history, WHC especially welcomes
work on other regions.
* Topical overviews which cross regional boundaries to examine such issues
as gender, technology, demography, social structure, or political
* Original scholarship which rigorously engages global themes.
* Evaluation of curriculum. We particularly appreciate work that examines
how well lessons fostered student understanding, engaged their
participation, and assessed their work.
* "Point-Counterpoint" essays presenting two or more perspectives on
contentious issues.
* Reviews of texts, readers and ancillary materials.

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Current Issue: Volume 5 Number 2, February 2008

Date: 17 March 2008

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Monday, March 17, 2008
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