World Journal of Nano Science and Engineering


World Journal of Nano Science and Engineering

Publisher: Scientific Research Publishing

The World Journal of Nano Science and Engineering contains original and innovative research pertaining to the applications of the physical, chemical and biological sciences to engineering at nano scale. The highest priority is given to scientific research that transcends the classical boundaries and introduces cutting-edge frontiers.

This includes, but not limited to
* Assembly of Inorganic and Organic Nanomaterials
* Carbon and Graphene (Fullerenes, Nanotubes, Nanowires, Nanorings, Nanoparticles, Nanorods)
* Chemical and Biological Detection of Different Phenomena
* Computational Modelling of Materials at Nanoscale
* Cross-fertilization of Different Branches of Science
* Delivery, Detection and Labelling of Nanoparticles for Drug Release or Gene Delivery
* Detection Methods Sensitive to the Nanoscale
* Energy Resources (Photovoltaics, Batteries, Fuel Cells, Hydrogen Storage)
* Experimental Techniques for Measurement of Properties at Nanoscale
* Fabrication and Growth of Nanomaterials
* Fabrication Technologies for Nanodevices
* First-principle Calculations and Density-functional Theory
* High Resolution Imaging at the Single Molecule Level
* Information Processing in Solid State Systems
* Interface and Colloid Science
* Manipulation of Biomolecules (DNA, Protein, Enzymes)
* Modelling Techniques Using Macroscopic Input (Continuum, FE Methods)
* Modifications of Nanomaterial Properties
* Molecular Dynamics Simulations
* Molecular Self-Assembly
* Molecular Simulations
* Nano Composites (eg. Polymers, Functionalisation, Dispersion)
* Nanodevices (Microprocessors, NEMS, MEMS)
* Nanomaterials and Nanosystems
* Nanopatterning
* Nano-x (Nano-physics, Nano-chemistry, Nano-medicine, etc.)
* Novel Electronic and Photonic Phenomena
* Organic Electronics
* Patterning and Nanolithography Techniques
* Physical and Mechanical Sensing (Electrostatic Forces, Strains, Stresses, Modulus)
* Processing Methods with Nanometre Resolution
* Quantum Science and Technology (Optics, Computing)
* Quantum, Classical and Statistical Mechanical Studies
* Research in the Coupled Regions of Mechanics, Electromagnetism, etc.
* Semiconducting and Magnetic Nanostructures
* Semi-empirical Methods (Tight-binding, Embedded-atom Methods)
* Synthesis, Characterisation and Processing of Materials and Devices
* Systems in the Mesoscopic and Nanoscale Regimes

ISSN Print: 2161-4954
ISSN Online: 2161-4962

Manuscript submission via online system.

Editorial Assistant:

Ms Jane Zeng
Scientific Research Publishing, USA


World Journal of Nano Science and Engineering is available free of charge as an Open Access journal on the Internet.

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Current Issue: Volume 01, Number 02 (June 2011)

Date: 16 September 2011

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Friday, September 16, 2011
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