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Yearbook for European Jewish Literature Studies

The Yearbook of the Association for European-Jewish Literature Studies constitutes an interdisciplinary forum for the research of Jewish writing in all its diversity and complexity. Each issue addresses a different thematic topic from a variety of perspectives. Within Literary Studies the yearbook underlines the transnational dimension of Jewish writing. Within the realm of Jewish Studies it stresses the relevance of literature for an exploration of Jewish existence in Europe.

Journal of Ancient History and Archaeology

The Journal of Ancient History and Archaeology is seeking to publish profound, rigorous, well-written, high-quality, high-impact papers to generate discussion, debate, fresh perspective.

The research area is the European continent and the Near East in the Greek-Roman times. The topics are: ancient history, ancient philology, epigraphy, papyrology, numismatics, archaeological material, archaeological reports, digital archaeology, archaeometry, reviews.

Journal of Ancient History and Archeology is supported by Romanian Academy and Technical University of Cluj-Napoca.

European Journal of Comparative Law and Governance

The European Journal of Comparative Law and Governance publishes top-level academic contributions in English that explore the phenomena of law and governance from a comparative perspective. It includes comparative studies from different fields of law and regulation as well as multi-disciplinary studies on societal governance issues. Comparative studies involving non-European countries are welcome when they deal with topics relevant also for European science and society.


SPOOL is a new journal initiative in the field of ‘architecture and the built environment’ with a strong emphasis on four key topics: Science of Architecture, Climate Change, Energy Efficiency Building, and Urban Europe.

Utrecht Journal of International and European Law

Utrecht Journal of International and European Law is an Open Access, peer-reviewed, student-led law journal, focusing on international and European law.

Utrecht Journal aims to contribute to legal scholarship on international and European law by promoting these fields' progressive development and providing an international forum for interaction between academia, practitioners and students.

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